Let GTK Cyber design a customized program specifically for your team and network security requirements. Our approach to education is modular. This means that we’ll customize your curriculum based on your specific needs and network vulnerabilities.

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GTK Cyber provides a cutting-edge education. Our program gives you the power to pair the right methods with the best tools. We’ve pointed a laser focus on data science, machine learning and threat hunting. We use an infrastructure platform and an online programming lab that provides hands-on, real world training.

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full coursePython Coding for Security Analysts

The ability to work directly with raw data is an extremely useful skill for analysts in any realm. The Python scripting language is a powerful tool for data analysis and manipulation. While the syntax for Python is relatively easy, learning how to apply Python to analysis can be challenging.

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full courseData Science for Managers

Data Science is rapidly emerging as one of the most sought-after fields in industry today. In an oft-cited study by McKinsey & Co., the United States faces a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to understand and make decisions based on the analysis of big data. GTK Cyber provides training aimed at stakeholders at all corporate levels.

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full courseApplied Data Science and Machine Learning

This interactive course will teach cybersecurity professionals how to use data science techniques to quickly manipulate and analyze network and security data and ultimately uncover valuable insights from this data. The course will cover the entire data science process from data preparation, feature engineering and selection, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, model evaluation and optimization and finally, implementing at scale—all with a focus on security related problems.

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full courseSQL For Data Analysis

Structured Query Language or SQL is one of the most useful means of data analysis that is no longer confined to relational databases. Many tools, including Spark, Flink, Drill, Cassandra and even ElasticSearch now support SQL queries. A solid understanding of SQL will expand the number of different data sources that an analyst can access.

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full courseThreat Hunting With Data Science

Data Science is rapidly becoming a necessity within the threat hunting realm. Analysts must be able to identify anomalies, reduce false positives and train the machine to rapidly make decisions for them at scale. With the abundance of data and analyst time constraints, alert efficacy is more important than it has ever been.

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full courseRapid Data Exploration With Open Source Tools

Data exploration is a key step in any analyst’s workflow. As data volume and variety continue to expand, the challenge of exploring security data is likewise growing exponentially. This course will teach analysts how to take advantage of the latest open source tools to rapidly explore and obtain value from a variety of security data sources.

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November 11, 2020

See What People Are SayingClient Testimonials

“The first iteration of the course packed all relevant concepts and exercises in a fast-paced manner. That was personally valuable as a refresher due to my academic background with some touchpoints on machine learning.“

— Former Black Hat Student

“Good introduction into the topic of machine learning, plenty of hands-on experience with jupyter/python/pandas/etc. This fit exactly with what we are doing in our daily work so was directly applicable. Now I just need to find time to read the book suggestions.“

— Former Black Hat Student

“[The GTK Cyber course] was well organized and flowed nicely, all of the topics were relevant“

— Former Black Hat Student

“I found it informative and interesting.“

— Former Black Hat Student

“The Jupyter notebooks and answers were a big help.“

— Former Black Hat Student

“I enjoyed the class and learned quite a bit. I appreciated most the discussion on obtaining data and feature engineering. I also learned the most from parameter tuning. I felt the course was a great pace for me.“

— Former Black Hat Student

“[The course] was awesome!“

— Former Black Hat Student

“The content and focus on data science applications for security problems [was extremely helpful].“

— Former Black Hat Student

“We need more courses like these in cybersecurity!“

— Former Black Hat Student