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GTK Cyber is a prominent name in security education. We’ve created a program that teaches applied data science for security professionals. Our founders and teachers are industry experts who are passionate about enriching the careers of network security specialists and data analysts.

We partner with enterprises to bring training to the workplace. We provide a hands-on learning experience that emphasizes the fundamentals of data analysis and the philosophies that comprise these disciplines. We prepare our students to have a successful career in a progressive industry.



Charles Givre is a vice president and lead data scientist at Deutsche Bank in the chief security office. He has worked as a data scientist in the security industry for nearly 12 years and is a sought after speaker. Charles has delivered presentations at numerous international security and data science conferences. His expertise includes data engineering and machine learning.


Austin Taylor has an extensive background in defensive and offensive cyber operations and has performed incident response for some of the world’s top Fortune-ranked companies. His expertise includes penetration testing, data science, threat hunting, and User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA). He has taught data science courses for the last three years and is the author of “How to Build a World-Class Monitoring System for Home, Small Office, or Enterprise Networks.”


Joshua oversees the daily business operations for GTK Cyber. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business and a Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law. He is a licensed attorney in Maryland. Joshua has performed in-person and video training seminars and written a myriad of articles in various law journals. He works in human resources and handles civil rights matters.


Becky works closely with GTK’s business partners in development, client relations, marketing strategies, and logistics in order to ensure high quality solutions to clients.  She earned her Bachelors in Business Administration from the College of Charleston and was qualified as a mediator by the University of Maryland School of Law. Prior to joining GTK, Becky demonstrated professional experience in the fields of academia, pharmaceutical, and financial security.  She has served on the board of LifeBridge Health Advisory Committee and has an active role in local programs involving domestic violence abuse, safety, and health/wellbeing.

Our Courses

What differentiates GTK Cyber from other data science and cybersecurity courses is the focus on thought processes rather than simply learning software. Technology and software become obsolete, regularly. Our philosophy ensures that students gain an enhanced grasp on the principles behind the software. This method makes professionals more proficient and effective in their positions. It gives them the power to apply those processes and methodology to any software.

In addition to security training, we also provide machine learning — the exciting and cutting-edge study of algorithms and statistical models. You’ll gain proficiency in pairing the right algorithms with the best tools. Our program includes training in object-oriented programming, data science, and risk minimization. Our infrastructure platform and online programming lab allow hands-on, real world training that professionals will immediately implement into their daily work.

Your network security requirements are unique. Therefore, it’s essential (and more efficient) to engage in a program that’s been specifically designed for your team. Our approach to education is modular. This means that we’ll customize your curriculum based on your specific needs and network vulnerabilities. Our students are chief technology and security officers who want better tools for their team members and staff.

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