GTK Cyber offers a comprehensive catalog of intermediate to advanced analytic courses for cybersecurity professionals, all with a cybersecurity focus. Our courses enable organizations to learn how to apply data science and machine learning to their toughest security problems, thereby reducing the need to procure expensive and complex tools. Our course catalog also includes a one-day, nontechnical seminar targeted toward individuals who manage data science programs and teams (Data Science for Managers).

GTK courses are available in three different formats—Custom Courses, Micro-Courses, and Regional & Online Courses. Every GTK course is custom designed for cybersecurity professionals, by cybersecurity professionals.

Custom Courses

Custom Courses are designed specifically for your business cybersecurity needs. The GTK team will work with you to determine where cybersecurity education gaps exist and structure training modules to build a program to fill those gaps.


Micro-courses are designed to broadly cover key industry topics in a consolidated timeline for busy cybersecurity professionals.

Regional & Online Courses

Regional and Online Courses offer comprehensive training in key industry topics for cybersecurity professionals. Courses are structured to cover the most broadly applicable strategies and applications within the topic.