// GTK Cyber Training Request Letter/Email

// Subject: Request for cybersecurity training from GTK Cyber

Dear [Decision Maker Name],

I’m writing to request time and budget approval to take the GTK Cyber – Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity course. The information below outlines how this training will benefit our organization’s security posture, the tasks I’ll be able to perform after completing the course, and the associated cost & travel information.

// GTK Cyber Course Description – Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity
The Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity interactive course will teach cybersecurity professionals how to use data science techniques to quickly manipulate and analyze network & security data and ultimately uncover valuable insights from this data. Through cutting-edge labs and real-world data sets, I’ll gain real and applicable knowledge in data science specifically applied to cybersecurity challenges.

The course will cover the entire data science process from data preparation, feature engineering and selection, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, model evaluation & optimization and finally, implementing at scale. I’ll learn how to read data in a variety of common formats, and then write scripts to analyze and visualize the data in meaningful ways. The course is specifically designed to provide sophisticated training in data science as applied to cybersecurity-related challenges & scenarios.

// Course Objectives
Once I’ve completed the Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity course, I’ll be able to:
• Rapidly explore, visualize and analyze security data using open source tools
• Analyze big data & make data-driven predictions through probabilistic modeling and statistical inference
• Identify and deploy modeling in order to extract meaningful information for decision making
• Construct, train, evaluate & deploy supervised ML models to solve difficult security related problems
• Construct unsupervised models for anomaly detection and other exploratory analysis

// Cost & Course Length
Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity 4 days $3,995.00 (plus travel & hotel if in-person)
Course Length: 32 hours

// Conclusion
I believe this course will substantially improve my ability to do the specific work we need. It’s written and taught by globally recognized experts and will deliver practical, hands-on training that I can apply to my job.

Additional course information can be found on the GTK Website at www.gtkcyber.com.

Thanks for your consideration,

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