Paving the Way InCyber Data Certification

An industry-recognized certification in the cyber security/data science industry is currently under development. The certification will provide recognition in the cybersecurity/data science space that the certificate holder has demonstrated and proven mastery in successfully applying their data science skills to the cybersecurity industry.

Map Out Your Journey InApplied Data Science

GTK’s capstone Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity course will uniquely prepare students to apply for this certification. Our course provides 32 hours of hands-on training and covers the entire data science process from data preparation, feature engineering and selection, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, model evaluation and optimization and finally, implementing at scale—all with a focus on security-related problems.

Stop Attacks in Their Tracks withAdvanced Threat Hunting

The Advanced Threat Hunting course (coming Q1, 2021) will provide additional in-depth understanding and a pathway towards mastery of these topics, including the understanding and application of machine learning models to detect anomalies including phishing, DGA, and SQL injection, as well as improving prediction performance and the reduction of false positive rates. The certification will test technical proficiency, and knowledge, skills, and understanding in these areas.