We Are The Leader InCyber Data Science Training

For the last five years, we have been the exclusive provider of cyber data science training at the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, including BlackHat, Hack in the Box, the O’Reilly Security Conference, and others. We have also taught our courses for major corporations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, ING, and Booking.com.

GTK Is Founded ByIndustry Experts

GTK Cyber is a Maryland-based small business founded by expert security practitioners (and data junkies). Our company is built on a shared passion to help our client partners better understand their security data and use it more effectively. We have developed a reputation for delivering extremely high-quality cyber analytic training courses to our clients, and our instructors are all highly skilled working professionals and recognized in the cyber data science industry as leaders in their areas of expertise.

Our Hands-On Approach Puts YouIn The Drivers Seat

What differentiates GTK Cyber from other data science and cybersecurity courses is the focus on thought processes rather than simply learning software. Technology and software become obsolete, regularly. Our philosophy ensures that our students gain an enhanced grasp on the principles behind the software. This method makes professionals more proficient and effective in their positions. It gives them the power to apply those processes and methodologies to any software.

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We provide a hands-on learning experience that emphasizes the fundamentals of data analysis and the philosophies that comprise these disciplines. We prepare our students to have a successful career in a progressive industry.
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Hands-on Learning

The GTK Cyber curriculum teaches thought processes for cybersecurity with a laser focus on data science, machine learning, and threat hunting. We set our students up for professional growth by empowering them with the knowledge needed to pair the right methods with the best tools. Our proprietary infrastructure platform and online programming lab provides hands-on, real world training they can immediately implement into their daily work.

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Regional & Online Courses

GTK Cyber offers a comprehensive catalog of intermediate to advanced analytic courses for cybersecurity professionals, all with a cybersecurity focus. Our courses enable organizations to learn how to apply data science and machine learning to their toughest security problems, thereby reducing the need to procure expensive and complex tools.

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Custom & Micro-Training

Your network security requirements are unique. Therefore, it’s essential (and more efficient) to engage in a program that’s been specifically designed for your team. Our approach to education is modular. This means that we’ll customize your curriculum based on your specific needs and network vulnerabilities—whether they demand multi-day comprehensive training or a selection of micro-courses to get your team up to speed quickly.

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Our Instructors

GTK Cyber prides itself on our industry leading faculty members. Our instructors are industry recognized expert security practitioners. GTK instructors have published books, written articles and contributed to prominent open source projects. They have also achieved the most elite certifications within the cybersecurity profession. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching technical courses at conferences, universities, and for private technical institutions.

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Our Platform

Successful cyber data science education requires a dependable technical platform, and after many years of teaching, we’ve developed a proprietary suite of technical platforms. Depending on client request and the courses delivered, our classes use Griffon Virtual Machine for Data Science and Cloud Based JupyterHub for course instruction so our students can stay focused and maximize learning time.

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See What Our Partners Are Saying

“The first iteration of the course packed all relevant concepts and exercises in a fast-paced manner. That was personally valuable as a refresher due to my academic background with some touchpoints on machine learning.”

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

“Good introduction into the topic of machine learning, plenty of hands-on experience with jupyter/python/pandas/etc. This fit exactly with what we are doing in our daily work so was directly applicable.”

Threat Hunter

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