November 11

Welcome to GTK Cyber

Thank you for visiting our new website.  GTK Cyber will empower you with data science principles to advance your efficiency and effectiveness in cybersecurity. We invite you to sign up for your training interests. We offer the following courses:

  • Python Coding for Security Analysts
  • Applied Data Science and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity
  • Threat Hunting with Data Science
  • Data Science for Managers

Just to name a few.  GTK offers on-site and virtual training.  Our instructors, particularly GTK’s CEO, Charles Givre, are the best in the converging data science and cybersecurity industries.

We would love the opportunity to provide you with a customized presentation on our training program which involves tailoring our training to meet your organization’s needs.  This may involve:

  • Consulting services for your organization
  • Developing a needs assessment with your team
  • Working to put together a GTK training action plan 
  • Making a presentation to your organization’s executive board 
  • Creating a training schedule for the upcoming months

Please contact us to further discuss your needs. 

Within the world of high-tech, GTK Cyber fields a team of passionate educators who empower each student with the knowledge to do more and be more.  During our courses, GTK students rise to a new level of capability —and we maximize our efforts to ensure that happens.  

We look forward to working with you!